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3 min readJun 28, 2021


Got a phone call from one of my clients & listened to him for Around 45 mins today, as the table had turned around.

I get such calls twice or thrice every week, which Motivates me to invest more energy, time & push my limits into my work.

Exactly 3years ago I gave him Business Consultancy

He Has a tyre business, in Kolkata which was set up by his father which he has carried forward now for almost 30 years.
Along with his father, he was operating this business on an average of 10%profit basis & Then he has Involved his son in the same family business for the last 2 years.
But wasn’t seeing much growth in business, even though both were giving their 100% energy into it.

So, the gentleman, came near me with his son’s birth details for consultancy for his career, & if should he continue business or look for something else?

During the consultancy, I asked few questions
Were you and your father used to sit in the same shop and at the same place, and how was the relation between you both, and are you experience the same situation now?

He answered all the questions with Yes

And I then read both father’s & Son’s Chart
Found one Common Placement of Saturn & Sun in both of their Chart.

Came with the analysis for him and I said to him that day-
According to planetary positions, For Both Of you working at the same place as your parents did will not open any new door of opportunity, Growth & also will not keep a good relationship for a long run

I gave the remedy and suggested:-

Keep Your son in the same business, but open a new branch at a new location [ I suggested a Favourable one according to his chart] & Make sure you both handle 2 different departments.

He agreed and went on, implemented what I said & Today was the day I got the feedback call.

Making a Long conversation short here is what the Client Said today: -
Hemant Ji , I am handling all purchasing department as you said and my son is handling the sales department.
Never in my life, I would have imagined my business heights at this level.
Even In this pandemic situation, we weren’t as such down, now on an average generating 90% profit which I haven’t earned 30 years into the business even after doing everything and giving 100% time and energy.
My son has done some very good collaborations, in the new branch and we are having very good sales every year.
Never I knew, one consultancy session can impact my life so much.
Experiencing the result, all because of you, now for my son’s marriage want to get matchmaking done from you to get the right person in our home.
All decisions of yours will be accepted in my house now.

And such calls every week keep on motivating me to add that layer of passion & Professionalism into my work.



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