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Astrologer Hemant venus
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Have you ever felt directionless in terms of career or stuck in a job that doesn’t give you happiness or satisfaction? Vedic astrology has the answers for all your problems. By the help of your career horoscope the most appropriate career for you can be suggested based on your birth chart as per your date of birth. Career planning is the most important decision of a person’s life, it is the basis of all the events that will unfold in front of you in terms of job satisfaction, or growth in business, promotions and professional success. If you make this decision with the help of astrology prediction for your career it would be the best decision for your life as you will choose a career that will keep benefitting you throughout your life time.

A professional career astrologer who is experienced in this field and knows the latest global trends and opportunities should be considered for career counselling. A career astrologer will not only be able to predict an appropriate career for you based on your birth chart but also know your own natural skills and interests along with the scope of growth in that particular career. Always remember not to fall for these online free career astrology predictions and never start implementing the remedies on yourself as these can be very misleading and do more damage than good.

As a professional astrologer I can provide career counselling and guidance in the following matters:

1. Best career option for you according to your Kundli or Horoscope

2. Best stream for you after 10th ,12th class and in higher studies as well.

3. Evaluate chances of getting a government job and provide you guidance in the same.

4. Opportunities for you to settle abroad and method to achieve it.

5. Whether suitable for a career as a politician and methods to attain success in it.

6. Problems in job, pending promotions, toxic work environment etc.

7. Whether you should do a job or a business or both.

Your career horoscope can tell everything related to your career right from selecting the stream in your education, in your higher studies to the appropriate career path that can make you successful and shine bright in the chosen field. This is based on the relative position of the planets at the time of your birth and their positioning throughout your lifetime, the horoscope gives direction to decide the best career for you.

Career astrology can in fact change the course of your forever. An experienced career astrologer would first evaluate Jupiter’s strength in your Kundli as it reflects your wisdom and intellect. Then he will assess the strength of Mercury to evaluate your ability to grasp and retain that knowledge. Then we read the strength of 2nd and 5th house followed by the study of D-7,D-9 alongside the D-1 chart. Only after a comprehensive study of all these factors the best career is selected for you.

Astrologer Hemant Venus

Career is the most important decision of a person’s life and expert guidance is a must to achieve fulfillment and success in career. No matter in which stage of your career you are, be it a student, doctor, engineer, working professional or a business man you need to get your career horoscope evaluated from a professional career astrologer.

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Astrologer Hemant venus

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