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2 min readNov 8, 2021

The rearmost growth in the e-commerce request has created a huge demand for storehouse space. Also, big diligence and trading houses need a further storehouse space due to the booming frugality. The 21st century has witnessed an unforeseen demand for similar complexes in mid-sized and small cities also. A Vastu biddable storehouse can make a huge impact on the business of people using similar storage, indeed dispatching storage.

Vastu Shastra offers innumerous benefits if the arrangement or construction is made using Vastu principles.

Storehouse (godown) facing and its impact as per Vastu-

• North-East facing storehouse Excellent for growth

• East facing Fashionability

• South-East Average

• South facing Theft prone

• South-West facing storehouse Losses and theft-prone

• West facing Fiscal gain

• North West facing Better deals

  • North facing Further fiscal gain

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for godown

1. Girding of the demesne i.e. Road, water bodies, hill etc.

2. The shape of the demesne

3. Parking area

4. Main Entrance ( facing the storehouse)

5. Dispatch gate

6. Position of Importing Scale

7. Exterior Design as well as elevation

8. Position of staircase and lifts

9. Internal admin office

10. Garret area in godown

11. Storage of heavy goods

12. Storage of liquid goods

13. Common Restroom position

14. Position of the water body

15. Canteen area

16. Power creator as well as electrical panels

17. Position of an overhead tank as well as Tower

18. Position of the septic tank as well as drainage lines

19. Roof pitch of the godown

20. Basement, Bottom leveling and, also pitch of the point

.21. Windows

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