What Is Vastu? What are the correct Vastu Shastra techniques to be followed for Luck, Success, happiness, and prosperity in the house and workplace?

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Vastu is to balance all 16 directions perfectly to have success & happiness, and a peaceful environment at home.

Vastu Shastra Tells Where
👉the main door should be,
👉the toilet should be,
👉 the kitchen should be,
👉the master bedroom should be, etc.

Vastu Shastra Directions from Astrologer Hemant venus- Vastu Consultant In India

But, the foremost important thing is to
it should be positive, and if it’s not then YOU SHOULD correct it first.

There are Various Energy like
Geo stress,
Which are highly negative & affect badly to our
and is one of the major reasons for heart attack Cases we hear daily in society.

Most of the energies come from the land itself and Does affect from Ground till the10th floor.

The Best Vastu Consultant In India — follow these steps while improving Vastu for their clients;-

The first step is to stop these negative energies.

The powerful remedy is given by astrologer Hemant Venus to Stop Negative energy in your life, house, and workplace

The second step is to balance the Vastu directions, as per, requirements of the House ( shops, factory, hotel, office, and more )

Best Vastu Directions

Never mind how bad your home Vastu is, it can be corrected.

The 3rd step is to Produce and Convert favorable & Only positive energy everywhere at your home and your workplace

Powerful positive energy remedies from Astrologer Hemant Venus

Note- These are only the valid Step to Correct your Vastu which will give 100% results.

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